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Coral Soff’wares Limited was registered at Calcutta, India, as Coral Consultants Pte Ltd. in 1988.
Coral’s first product was ACE. This product, since its inception and then launch in 1990 has been known for its revolutionary features. As truly said ACE is built not only to do accounting but to bring in accountability in business processes. There cannot be a one cut solution for every business; what every business needs is a solution to its existing processes. Flexibility of ACE has always been the answer to the customer’s requirements.ACE is currently at version 9 being a reason for delight to our customers.
X-ise came under Coral’s hood in 1998. It maintains statutory records which are required to be maintained by Central Excise assesses under Central Excise Act, 1944. It includes maintain of CENVAT records. Some of the other reports are RG 23A-I, RG 23A-II, RG 23D, Form IV, RG-I, RT-12, RT-5, etc. The Gate Pass cum Invoice cannot only be generated on-line. All its elements (header, footer, columns, totalling, etc.) can be changed to suit individual requirements. Customers can get approval of the Gate Pass cum Invoice generated by X-ise.
X-ise makes sure that you can concentrate in your business as it relieves you by taking care of the compliances.
Coral has always kept pace with the current times. Generation has now got into mobile computing and solution is tailor-made to fit in pockets.With the flow of time E-commerce has become the natural extension of businesses to exist.
Coral introduces ACEshop, which creates a E-store for client’s products present in ACE.
Not just that, Coral’s DIgital Division Nhancedigital takes care of e-commerse marketing to boost the online business. The ecosystem in todays accounting is fulfilled with services like payment gateway and logistic for e-commerce.
Coral’s mobile devision has got accounting in realtime, literally. The Distributed Network Solution by ForcePower, the mobile division of Coral brings accounting at the finger tips of the Sales force of the organisation. The Sales executive can now book order, maintain stock, take payment and replenish inventory from their mobiles on the go.